INNOVATION    Hubbard is offering shoes of the very highest quality using the finest leathers from around the world. Fit and comfort are paramount in our designs and we have returned to Europe to work with some of the finest shoemakers in the world.

OPPORTUNITY    We set out to make an ‘everyday shoe’ for people with an active lifestyle. These shoes are for going to work and getting around town comfortably. They needed to be a great walking shoe, as distinct from a sneaker that could be used for walking. They needed to be lightweight to provide comfort when sitting and when walking. We wanted this collection to be sturdily built and easily re-soled, so that the shoes would have a long life.

INSPIRATION    I am on retainer with the Samuel Hubbard Shoe Company, which offers premium men’s footwear, crafted in Europe and constructed with fine custom leathers. Developed with Bruce R. Katz, who previously founded The Rockport Company, these shoes have been refined over the last two years to bring an entirely new level of quality, comfort, and an extraordinary fit.