Equipois Exoskeletal Arm Support

INNOVATION    It comfortably connects people of all sizes to the X-AR, an ergonomic exoskeletal arm that makes tools weightless – while preserving freedom of movement.

To simplify operation and prevent interruption of work tasks, the helical shape allows users to “click” their arm into or out of  the X-AR one-handed.

Fit can be intuitively customized by simply squeezing the helical stainless steel forearm wrap.

Careful material selection ensures the cuff are attachment is cleanable in autoclaves, cheap to manufacture, and comfortable over long hours of use.

Velcro-compatible perforated neoprene sleeve grips the arm snugly when bare or over clothing, wicks moisture, and does not provide a source of friction.

Helical spiral shape and towel-like texture prevent slippage when the cone shape of the forearm is aligned vertically.

This design was recently featured on CNN’s Money television program http://money.cnn.com/video/technology/2011/03/24/t-tt-robot-arm.cnnmoney/  and in Fast Company http://www.fastcompany.com/1734946/exclusive-a-device-that-offers-superman-like-arm-strength-inspired-by-the-steadicam

OPPORTUNITY    Leverage technology of the industry-changing SteadyCam to give factory workers superhuman strength, reduce injuries from repetitive tasks in labs, and increase precision in surgery.

INSPIRATION    Detailed analysis of ergonomics and work tasks in use scenarios that require arms to be extended for long periods of time. Comfort and material combinations of outdoor sports soft goods.