INNOVATION    The unique liner-less construction eliminates extra bulk and cuts weight in half versus previous model. Carefully placed water drains keep the weight down during riding.

Hypershock springs in the outsole ” chassis” absorb impact in two stages without affecting edge-to-edge response. Innovative three part outsole molds allow three whole sizes to be made with one set of parts, while keeping you centered on the board in any size boot.

The industry-first removable plastic supports allow you to customize the amount of flex and ankle support.  And the V-shaped elastic toe flares absorb the impact of big airs without hurting your toes.

Video of Shaun talking about it:

OPPORTUNITY    Revolutionize Hyperlite’s top-of-the-line pro model boot’s construction, reduce weight, increase impact protection and ankle support, and provide customizable fit.

INSPIRATION    Close collaboration with World Champion Shaun Murray and one of the best snowboard boot factories in the world.