The Ultimate Urban Utility Bike

INNOVATION    Led a multi-disciplinary team that won 2nd place against 34 of the best custom bike builders in the country in the Oregon Manifest competition. The goal was to build the Bentley of cargo bikes: luxurious, fast, safe, and stylish.

Features: world’s first bike with a reflective powder coat and a LED stem spacer ring light that provide 360 degrees of visibility, pannier system with 10″ electro-luminescent strips sewn in for superior rear visibility, convenient top tube pocket, easily removable memory foam passenger seat, hidden integrated U-lock, and a convenient top tube cargo pocket with integrated USB mobile device charging.

It was even featured in a Wall Street Journal article and on KPTV Fox 12.

OPPORTUNITY    Design the ultimate urban utility bike, amplifying helpful innovations in day-to-day practicality and safety with style.

INSPIRATION    Seeing people around the world trying to carry a variety of cargo and passengers. The dull utilitarian styling and unnecessary extra weight of existing cargo bikes.